This blog has had multiple incarnations the past 6 years.  Technically, I created my first blog in 2001 with a Geocities account and a book on HTML coding.  That was before blogging applications were available and it was too cumbersome to try to maintain.  Then in 2008, I took a class on blogging when I was a high school instructional technologist and my perspective on creating content for the web changed.  As a teacher for 13 years, I found it the perfect way to share ideas and teach to a larger audience outside of the classroom.

What was once just a personal blog, just a travel blog, and just an educational blog, I am no embarking on the latest version of Rose Tinted Traveler.  As a wife, mother of four, teacher, and life-long learner, I believe the world is a classroom.  We learn from each other and our experiences.  It is my hope that this blog shares ways we can learn as a family, at home, and on the road!

Thanks for stopping by!